Current Clients and Projects
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To understand your role as a client, understand that your feedback is critical to the design process.

View the progress of your project by selecting the link to take you to your pages. Check the date and remember to email me your feedback after you have taken a look.

Design decisions are made according to your projects content, and what you want the design to accomplish.

Your project is vital in defining how the design of it will go. The design will communicate or shape the experience of all who view/use it and your project will have visual form.

It is my intention to enter this collaboration to create design that is functional, meaningful and aesthetic and tailored to your project.

As your project evolves to it's finished form, it is critical to the process that you share your thoughts, perceptions and desires along the way.

Decisions about design direction, including colors, type, layout, navigation structure, copy editing and images will be discussed and made as a collaborative team effort.

To understand what the role of a designer is, read What's the role of a designer.

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"Whether it is the design of a program, a product or some form of communication, we are living in a world that's totally designed.

Somebody made a decision about everything, and it was a design decision."

~Sam Farber