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Identifying and defining the purpose of your web site is the first and a critical step in designing your web site.

The sample questions below, are designed to generate specific and necessary information about your web site. In thinking about and providing answers to these questions, we begin to establish the content and criteria needed to evaluate the sites effectiveness.

Because the design of your web site originates from your answers, it is important to focus on and be able answers to these questions.

Why do you want a web site? What is it for?

What is the expectation you have for the site?
What kind of information will be on your site?
What are the goals and objectives for this site?

Who is your intended audience?
Who will use this site?
Who will manage this process?

What is your level of involvement with creating this site?
What does this web site provide to viewers (users)?
What style, tone and feeling do you want this site to have?
Are there special requirements or technical features needed?

What do you want your web site to accomplish?
Who will maintain and update your new site?

From these answers, I help you develop a tailored, logical and aesthetic structuring of the information (usability). These questions can also help you clarify and develop written content for your web pages. The visual creation of the concept (style, look and feeling), logical structure of information or usability, graphic design, typography and images, and illustrations are areas which depend on what answers you provide in this important first step.

Thus, we begin a communicative and collaborative design process, with the first step of web design. This process is personal, tailored to you and evolves as we create your site.

If you have thought about these questions and have clear answers, you are prepared to move on to the second step, the Organization of Information. The information I organize, comes from your need of a web site, and is the answers to your questions generated in going through the first step of site definition.

Outline of the sequential steps for designing a web site

1. Site Definition -defining and planning your web site

2. Organize Information -identifying content and structuring information

3. Visual Design -graphic design, illustrations, photographs, images

4. Site Construction -software choices, html and test files

5. Site Marketing - determined by the Client

6. Delivery - uploading html files to your server

*steps may be repeated and revisited as the web site develops

"Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition."

~Freeman Thomas, Automobile Designer