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For the final step, the htlm files are uploaded to the server of your choice. Find a web hosting company and purchase space for yuor new web site to live on their computers (server).

I use a web hosting company called Dreamhost.com. There are many competing companies, and they all provide different web hosting packages depending on your web site needs and vary in cost. Packages vary depending on how much space you need, how big of a web site you have and whether or not you purchase a URL from that company.

You need to also purchase a URL, (uniform resource locator) or domain name. This is your web address and looks like something like www.myaddress.com.

When you buy a URL, you must request that the address you bought be pointed to your web server. URL's with the extensions .com .net .org can be purchased for one to many years. An initial investment must be renewed periodically to hold onto the address.

The domain can be registered at Network Solutions. They are the InterNIC, which means they control the names registration, and the rules governing them. If the URL you want is taken, often the people who own them are willing to sell them, if you inquire about it.

In order to upload your new web site, you need to have an address of the web hosting company or FTP host, host directory, login, and a password.

This information is put into Dreamweaver or any other FTP software. It allow you to connect and then upload your new web site on their server. I can do the uploading of your new web site, but need access to this sensitive information. You must arrange for the URL and web hosting service before I can upload your web site. I can guide you each step of the way, on how to do this.

The archiving all of the web site components, html, programming code, visual media and any other site development materials on CD or zip disk, completes this process.

Your web site would then be "live" or published. As a new web site owner, you have the responsibility for maintaining it, updating it and advertising it. My job to design, create and deliver your web site would be finished. It is customary for me to link Spring Hill Studio to your site, as long as, the way I designed it stays intact and you agree to the link.

Outline of *sequential steps for designing a web site

1. Site Definition -defining and planning your web site

2. Organize Information -identifying content and structuring information

3.Visual Design -graphic design, illustrations, photographs, images

4. Site Construction -software choices, html and test files

5. Site Marketing - determined by the Client

6. Delivery - uploading html files to your server


*steps may be repeated and revisited as the web site develops

"Good design is
good business."

~Thomas Watson, Jr. IBM

Resources for Web Design

Yale Style Guide; Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites
by Patrick J. Lynch & Sarah Horton

Designing Web Usability; The Practice of Simplicity by Jakob Nielsen

<creative HTML design>; Lynda Weinman & William Weinman

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (second edition); O'Reilly, Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville

Flash Web Design, The Art of Motion Graphics; Hillman Curtis