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My expertise is in Web Design. Web Development is the technical implementation of Web Design. They are both necessary when creating informed and aesthetic User-Centered Design.

The process of designing and building a web site follows a series of sequential steps. As in any large project, breaking it down into managable steps will save time and money.

Note that Web Design is not the first step. It is step three and is the visual design and layout of the web site and it's individual pages that compose the web site.

A web site must be logically organized as described in step two.Content presented on an individual web page is seen, yet it is critical to go through step one and step two, which is unseen before jumping ahead into the visual design.

The technically building the design falls under the category of Web development, step four.

The steps to a creating a successful site:
The sequence for designing, developing and publishing a web site:

1. Site Definition - defining and planning your web site. The concept or idea for the web site rules this step.

2. Organize Information - identifying content (writing the content) and how that information is structured. How the content of your web site will be organized.

3. Visual Design - graphic design, illustrations, photographs, images or what it will actually look like on the web. The visual design will match the tone and style of your written content.

4. Site Construction - software choices, html and test files. The actual building of the files put up on the web. You can participate in the editing of your new web site by going to the clients page. This is where I set up draft versions of your new web site and you can see changes immediately and chart the progress.

5. Site Marketing - advertising the new site. Web based advertising (search engines) and print media.

6. Delivery - uploading html files to your server. Passing the project on to you. Maintaining your web site is simple. If you can use the computer for word processing, you can maintain a web site.

The process of creating a web site
takes preparation and is a team effort. It is critical to prepare as much of your content in advance. Have written content finalized, photographs or illustrations selected, and a logo designed before going into this process.

I can help create content for you. Or you may chose to work with others. I do recommend working with a professional writer, photographer, designer or illustrator to generate the writng and images. The "putting together" of these pieces for your web site, is the web designers job.

Once the process has begun, it is important to keep it moving forward by following through on set tasks. This process generally follows the pattern of setting tasks, completing tasks, evaluating tasks, setting new tasks and so on, until the web site is done. Feedback is critical to this process, and is based on open and clear communication.

How long does it take to create a web site? It depends on how prepared the final content for the web site is, and how large the site will be and what the goals of the web site are.

To prepare for the creation of your web site review these steps. How much have you already have done? What still needs to be done?

"Good design is
good business."

~Thomas Watson, Jr. IBM

Resources for Web Design

Yale Style Guide; Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites
by Patrick J. Lynch & Sarah Horton

Designing Web Usability; The Practice of Simplicity by Jakob Nielsen

<creative HTML design>; Lynda Weinman & William Weinman

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web (second edition); O'Reilly, Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville

Flash Web Design, The Art of Motion Graphics; Hillman Curtis